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The sound of running water transports us to nature with the sounds that we hear in the natural environment.

double click on any of the image of pottery fountains above to see and hear a video of the fountain

The power of that sound is even more powerful in the dryness of the desert. While Glazed Expressions Pottery is relatively new, we have been directly involved with the development of ceramic fountains for over a decade and half. Pottery Land is the leading supplier in the USA of pottery fountains, and the BluLake Fountain Reservoir. We have been involved directly with product development in both areas.

All of the fountains that we offer at Glazed Expressions Pottery are high fired ceramic. They are able to withstand hard freezes and do not fade.

Fountains 101 ....

(or where does the water go)

All fountains require a sort of catch basin where the water expelled by the fountain head is recollected to be recycled. Some fountains are one piece and have a built in reservoir. Other styles of

fountains use an external

reservoir such as a bowl or fountain tub. We carry the

leading fountain reservoir

on the market made by

BluLake. We are proud to

have participated in

designing this series

Bowl Reservoir

Green Things

Joel’s Pottery

Quality Pottery

Mesquite Valley

We can create a custom fountain especially for your design criteria. We have the ability to drill and cut the high fired pottery. We always stock a great selection of pumps by Rolf Hagen (Laguana Pumps) that come with a two year replacement warranty. You can select from all sizes of the BluLake Fountain Reservoirs with plenty of help on the installation for both Professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers.


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