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From Kirk’s family:

Great presentation with raised two tier stuccoed flower bed. Large glazed water bowl with a Blue Lake Fountain Reservoir and a healthy pump to drive the water event.

We drilled a hole in the pot ...this is all Kirk’s doing ...Great job!!

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From Bill’s Family:

A great looking two tier design with a large KYR colored gazing ball flowing into a large pot and then again into a Blue Lake Fountain Reservoir. Bill custom made the stand for the gazing ball and mounted the reservoir with just an inch to spare! Exceptional!!

From Rosemary:

One of our rustic “bamboo” pots as an accent on her patio

From Larry:

Great looking install of a tall rustic fountain sitting on a blue Lake Fountain Reservoir

From Michelle:

Super looking install of a large limequat tree in a huge blue rustic pot.

Looks great!

From Lynn and Jim a great example of a raised planter bed using stackable blocks and one of Blue Lake Fountain Reservoirs to create a stunning “triple”

From Annelle a creative example of using a ribbed whiskey red fountain head and another pot of the same color as a reservoir.

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